Our Story

In 2017, Lotte moved from Denmark to Dubai with her husband and two small children. Little did she know that their newly built house with an open floor plan, tile floors and concrete walls would cause so much echo and noise.

She searched and searched for places to buy acoustic products that could make their home more calm and quiet without compromising her interior style. After endless unsuccessful attempts, she decided to take things in her own hands and subsequently founded Mute to deliver the solutions for all to enjoy.

In 2020, Hamda joined the team and helped launch Mute online. In 2021, we expanded and were joined by Jaswinder, Satnam, Broksheld, Joash and in 2022, we were recently joined by Dilawar.

We are proud to finally have a place for Dubai residents to buy good looking acoustical products. We hope that they will bring peace and quiet in many homes and offices - just like they do in ours. 

Acoustic wall picture UAE

In Lotte’s home, the staircase used to be an acoustic nightmare. But now two large Mute Pictures eliminate all the echo.

Lotte has created her own personal Mute Pictures with images of her two children. You can easily do the same in your home.