Frequently Asked Questions

Mute is a Dubai-based company offering decorative sound absorbers for homes, offices and businesses.

Sounds create noise and unnecessary noise is bad for us. It increases the stress level in our bodies and reduces our ability to focus and concentrate. When we reduce sound, we create a good sound environment which is essential for our wellbeing. Read more here.

Do you find it difficult to follow the conversations around the dinner table? Do you feel the tension when the kids are too noisy? Do you sometimes have difficulties hearing your own thoughts? If the answer is yes, sound absorption will be good for you and those around you. Read more about the acoustics.

Our products are designed to absorb the sound waves hitting them. They prevent sound waves from being reflected back into the space. This reduces noise and echo and significantly improves the sound environment in your home, office or business. Read more about how our products work.

For maximum effect, we recommend placing Mute products in acoustical hot-spots. An acoustical hotspot is a place with a lot of sound activity, e.g. around the dinner table, in the family play room, in the office, etc. But it may also be in a place where sounds are heavily reflected, such as in the stair case. If you are in doubt about where to place your Mute products for maximum effect, just leave a message and we will assist you.

All our products are designed, produced and packed in Dubai.

Yes, we do. We have made it easy for you to create your own personal Mute Wall Art online.
Moreover, we are also able to offer customized sizes and frame colours if our standard solutions do not match your needs. Leave us a message, and we will get back you. 

We aim to deliver within 10 working day. Once we receive your order, we will contact you for confirmation and schedule a time for delivery. 

Since your Mute product is made particularly for you, we do not offer returns.
However, if you are unhappy with the motif on your Mute Picture, we are happy to offer you a new canvas with a new motif at a reduced price. The old canvas can easily be replaced.